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Ivy Brown Gallery presents Frank Bradfield’s Evolution

Frank Bradfield’s first solo art show in New York City is an exploration into the evolution of man. Evolution is nature’s answer for survival. Evolution is nature’s way of resolution. Resolution is sudden and born of human intervention. The results of human intervention and the possibilities of what might evolve within species is the central theme that Mr. Bradfield has captured in his works. As Marty Stouffer, renowned wildlife spokesperson said, “Nature can turn a songbird into a hunter”.

Evolution is happening all around the world today. Due to human intervention, species of all populations have migrated out of their natural habitats into new environments and adaptations have occurred as a result.  African Rock and Burmese pythons are now found thriving in the Florida Everglades. European wild hogs and African warthogs now dominate areas of Texas.  As the earth continues to be disrupted, indigenous creatures must adapt to their new surroundings or perish.

“Evolution is very hard not to notice; the thought of scales having evolved into feathers on the legs of a turkey excites me, consequently can you imagine a 20 foot T-Rex with feathers?” – Frank Bradfield

Exhibition closes December 4, 2018

Ivy Brown Gallery
675 Hudson St 4th fl
Gallery hours: By appointment

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