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A Piece to Collect: Contemporary Collective presents Abigail Box’ DISCO

Friday, November 13th, 2015
A Piece to Collect, is a new feature on our blog where we will ask our Member galleries to select an art work from their AWAD Shop offering every week. This week Elinor Olisa of Contemporary Collective talks about about a painting that, in her own words, ‘would complement any art collection’.

Who is the artist: Abigail Box
What is the title of the work? ‘Disco’
What is the medium? Oil on hand stretched canvas
What is the price? £3,500
What are the 3 reasons you have you selected this work?

1) Artwork I collect always tells a story and the big cat in this painting grabbed by attention from the first moment I saw it, telling a story and providing the familiarity of a narrative I am sure I must have heard or read. The colours and the title ‘Disco’ also brings in 80s glam into the mix.
2) Abigail Box painstakingly builds up patterned and textured layers over many hours. Yet her work maintains delicacy and translucency which for me adds a sense fragility to this strong painting. The juxtaposition of the powerful tiger languishing on the ornate, patterned floor with the palm leaves is a luxurious and powerful statement for any wall large enough to hold it.
3) Abigail Box is an artist whose work I have admired and championed since first being introduced after her graduation from Camberwell College of Arts. She is as fascinating as the work she creates.

What did you think of Disco? Click here to see it on the AWAD Shop
 . presents the debut Contemporary Collective curated exhibition

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 presents the debut Contemporary Collective curated exhibition that showcases the work of a new generation of painters who are revitalising the traditional, yet evolving medium. ‘Painting the Future’ presents a range of styles and techniques, from gestural to minimalist, realism to abstraction, figurative to large-scale installation-based paintings and works that incorporate digital technology – presenting a panoramic view of the exciting talent emerging from today’s artists.

The exhibition includes works by Abigail Box, Alina Teodorescu, Anastasia Scudamore,Blandine Bardeau, Claire Luxton, Jonathan Richards, Luke Walker, Matthew Spencer,Ozlem Demirel, Romy Galloway, Sophie Derrick and Tom Waring. All the artists take the viewer beyond the surface to question; process, space, scale and colour, documenting the evolving trends, ideas and concerns within contemporary painting. (more…) present #FLOORED, by Abigail Box in an offsite exhibition in Piccadilly

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Following her two sellout exhibitions are proud to announce the solo exhibition ‘Floored’ by Abigail Box. The inaugural show is part of a series of offsite exhibitions taking place across London. Box continues to be inspired by the use of technology in her work, exploring the manipulation of image through Photoshop, which is evident in this new body of work, as a continuation from her previous ‘Gif’ works. The paintings in ‘Floored’, look at how composition and structure within an image might guide an understanding of the potential for space and direction within the canvas, by purposefully setting out to be structurally incorrect, somewhat awry. Click here for more information.

Following the exceptionally popular 2011 show, A Reality of Their Own, proudly showcases the evolution of Abigail Box’s work in ‘The Great Escape’

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 presents  Abigail Box’s work, The Great Escape runs until 29th of April.

Box’s large-scale paintings establish a simple interplay between familiar subject material and the abnormality of its context. Constructed using imagery, she fabricates these curious worlds, which almost always feature domesticated wild cats.

Box’s recent work has explored the local surrounding of east London the found objects residents leave behind. The furniture is unwanted and abandoned; it is through this ‘fly tipping’ combined with the domestication of wild dangerous creatures, that Box is able to create strange scenarios commenting on our view of the world. (more…) presents ‘A Reality of Their Own’ new work by Abigail Box

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 is pleased to invite you to the private view on 3rd March. Contact to RSVP and for more information. The exhibition continues until the end of March.

A Reality of their Own is not only an iridescent-like juxtaposition of imagery, but also an examination of the spectator vs. the visual vs. our known reality.

Abigail Box’s recent work forms part of her ongoing exploration into the curiousness of existence and toys with the contradiction involved in feeling both a sense of belonging and displacement. These visual analogies are harmoniously presented and allow the spectators to ask themselves questions regarding their affiliations with their space, cohabitants and survival.


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