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Woods in Winter coming soon to the Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford (25/Nov-31/Dec)

Monday, November 20th, 2017

More spectacular than ever before, Sarah Wiseman Gallery’s Christmas exhibition this year is themed around snowy woods and star-lit winter nights. ‘We’ve asked artists to respond to a theme this year: ‘Woods in Winter’ – which has given the work an exciting new edge,’ says gallery director Sarah Wiseman. ‘Artists like Daniel Ablitt, who specialises in atmospheric landscape, will be making new works that are inspired by Nordic landscape – the woods, mountains and snow that has inspired countless fairy tales and myth.’

The exhibition aims to be a more immersive experience for visitors and those seeking beautiful gifts for friends and family. ‘Woods in Winter’ is so evocative, and is open to many interpretations from artists and makers alike’, says Sarah. ‘You can imagine scenes of fireside tales, intriguing pathways, that hush of snow blanketed everywhere- we’re very excited to see what artists come up with!’

New to the gallery will be Flora McLachlan, whose twilit images are an exploration of ancient and enchanted landscapes. She is best known for her etchings which are carefully constructed and layered with various techniques to achieve a time-worn look and softly lit atmosphere. One of McLachlan’s painting is shown here courtesy of the artist and Sarah Wiseman Gallery.

For more information click here.

Sarah Wiseman Gallery presents Spring Exhibition in April featuring new works by Charlotte Cornish, Jane Walker and other gallery artists

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
Sarah Wiseman Gallery‘s current Spring Exhibition showcases fresh new work from gallery artists. With a focus on colour, texture and light, the gallery will be filled with exciting new art that is set to inspire. New works by Charlotte Cornish (whose Lotus III is shown here courtesy of the artist and Sarah Wiseman Gallery) and Jane Walker as well as glass and ceramics from Graeme Hawes of Bi-Me, Tydd Pottery, Fliff Carr and Kit Anderson. New paintings by Daniel Ablitt and Andrew Hood will arrive later in the month.
About Charlotte Cornish
Charlotte Cornish is one of the UK’s leading contemporary abstract artists, a distinctive voice in painting today. Her spectacular use of colour and energetic mark-making reveals a fascination with the endless possibilities of paint, exploring its qualities through layering and pouring it onto the canvas. Acrylic paint is her preferred medium as this dries relatively quickly, allowing her to build up many layers. You can take a look at available works here.

Daniel Ablitt ‘Seeking Light’, a solo exhibition at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford, from September 3rd

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

The Sarah Wiseman Gallery, in looking ahead to September, has just announced the solo exhibition by Daniel Ablitt ‘Seeking Light’ that opens on Saturday 3rd September. One of the works on show, City Lights, is shown here courtesy of the artist and the Sarah Wiseman Gallery.

In this exhibition the artist is deepening his exploration of our connections to the landscape. It is very human to seek an open space, a place to think and reflect; Daniel finds this magical space in his paintings, making them very compelling as we meditate on the vastness of nature. For more information contact the Sarah Wiseman Gallery.

The Jamaica Street Connection, Group Exhibition at the Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

The Sarah Wiseman Gallery in Oxford presents Jamaica Street Connection, a group exhibition from  5 March – 2 April

The Bristol-based Jamaica Street Artists will exhibit a diverse and compelling range of new paintings, celebrating the long-standing connection between the gallery and one of the largest and most dynamic creative-led studios in the country. Visitors to the gallery will already be familiar with established Sarah Wiseman Gallery artists Daniel Ablitt (whose work ‘Light Across the Water’ is shown here courtesy of the artist and Sarah Wiseman Gallery), Dan Parry-Jones and Andrew Hood while Elaine Jones, Kate Evans, Abigail Reed, Serena Curmi and Clare Bonnet will be new introductions. Read more about the exhibition on the Sarah Wiseman Gallery website by clicking here.

Sarah Wiseman presents new works by Daniel Ablitt

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013


Image: Daniel Ablitt’s Night at Sea (Courtesy of Sarah Wiseman)


Sarah Wiseman presents new works by Dan Ablitt an artist who has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad; based in the South West he studied Fine Art in Cheltenham & Edinburgh. For more information, you can check the Sarah Wiseman website and you can keep up with all the gallery news on the gallery facebook page.

On Daniel Ablitt

‘My surroundings often provide the starting point for my work. This could be a visit to an area of outstanding natural beauty, woodland and alpine forests having a significant influence, along with the landscape of South Somerset where I live and work.  My memories of my childhood also have a strong influence on my work, conveying a sense of nostalgia.

I am concerned with using paint to evoke a mood or atmosphere and am fascinated by the stillness that can be found in these part-imagined, part-remembered places. I am also interested in the possibilities of the paint itself, with the result that parts of the work often verge towards abstraction. Unusual and dramatic compositions encourage the viewer to look at their environment in a new way.

I have had a long-standing interest in the human form. The placing of a solitary figure or a mysterious group in the landscape provides a focal point and adds a narrative aspect to the work. These pieces often have a magical, fairytale quality and can leave the viewer with more questions than answers.’

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