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Bernd Mechler’s COLOURlust now at Lisa Norris Gallery

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

COLOURlust the new exhibition at the Lisa Norris Gallery is Bernd Mechler‘s first London solo exhibition.

Bernd Mechler is known for his abstract, potent color plays of monumental size.  From early on he had little interest in the representation of reality.  At college he was encouraged to explore his own subjective impressions of reality through painting.

This is painting about painting in the tradition of Gerhard Richter ‘s grey paintings and the white paintings by Robert Ryman.  Mechler almost empties out the canvas of any objects in order to focus entirely on what he describes as a psychological confrontation with painting.  Much of what feeds his work is extracted from life around him, be it a social event, his teaching, visiting an exhibition or simply taking a walk.  His work is spontaneous and relies on the energy of his senses, emotions, intuition and thoughts as well as his perception of the world around him, all of which filters into his compositions. (more…)

Lisa Norris Gallery presents Peripheries

Monday, February 6th, 2017


Image: Jemma Appleby’s #1301115, charcoal on paper (courtesy of the artist and Lisa Norris Gallery)


Lisa Norris Gallery presents Peripheries an exhibition that brings together four artists that offer a new perspective on architectural spaces. Where lines, borders, walls meet, determines the social spaces that configure the mental and physical environments we inhabit.

Architecture is one of our most visible and long term forms of expression.  It sits on a plane that is suspended between the arts, sciences, economics and many other diverse disciplines.  Each artist in this show explores through their medium the construction of an environment  or space and its identity, be it man made or natural.  By walking through the exhibition each work shifts the way we might look at space around us.

For more information please email

Lisa Norris Peripheries (wall)

Lisa Norris Gallery has moved to a larger gallery space at 72 New Kings Road

Monday, July 4th, 2016

Lisa Norris Gallery has moved to 72 New Kings Road, a newly refurbished 1200 sq foot space for expertly curated shows, weekly events and monthly rotations of gallery artists as well as feature exhibits.

Frank Hinrich's Broken Flowers at Lisa Norris

First Solo Exhibition in London for Arnout Killian at Lisa Norris Gallery

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Lisa Norris Gallery is pleased to present Screens the first solo exhibition in London of the work of Arnout Killian in conjunction with Museum More, where Killian’s Enter The Void is currently on show. Click here to see more images and more information about this exhibition.

PhotoFinish at the Lisa Norris Gallery featuring Oster+Koezle, Dazeley and Rimondi & Orlandini

Monday, February 15th, 2016

PhotoFinish is a new exhibition of photography taking place at the Lisa Norris Gallery featuring Oster+Koezle, Dazeley and Rimondi & Orlandini.

The image above is a work by Oster+Koezle whose images of abandoned buildings, are originally shot on film, are transformed into alternate space with a simple digital occupation turning the image of reality into an independent image following the rules of a picture plane.  Click here to read more.

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