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AWAD Social hosted by AWAD’s Partner Store Street Framing

Monday, July 18th, 2016

The AWAD Summer Social was kindly hosted last month at the Store Street Framing who are AWAD’s Partner in this area. It was an event that featured networking as well as practical demonstrations inc. gilding, canvas stretching and wood staining and we are very thankful to Andrew Milne Home and his team for welcoming us so warmly.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Shopfront

Store Street Framing has its showroom in Bloomsbury where consultations are made and artwork is safely stored. The dusty and messy work of cutting and joining mouldings and then painting and gilding the frames themselves takes place in our North London workshops. Once the framing process is complete our drivers can quickly deliver across Greater London.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Rocky Gilding with Neville

Our talented gilder Rocky demonstrates just how you handle that most delicate of materials, gold leaf. Beaten to less that 0.1 micron in thickness, gold leaf needs years of experience to lay down correctly. Working with the gilder’s knife on a calfskin pad and a gilder’s tip made of long squirrel hair, the delicate leaf is cut and lifted onto the prepared frame. Once applied to the coloured clay base the leaf will be burnished to the characteristic bright finish of water gilded frames.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Andrew Milne Home

Andrew Milne Home, Store Street Framing‘s General Manager, explains some of the framing options available to galleries and dealers. Working with a team of craftsmen in the London workshop, many of the frame finishes are unique and can be completely customised to fit the artwork.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Store Street Framing Team

The Store Street Framing team at the AWAD Summer Social event. From left to right, Yanko Tihov, Fine Art Materials, Phillip Booth, Mounting, Jana Jurkovicova, Framing Production Manager, Simeon Ackroyd, Canvas Stretching, Annika McSeveny, Framing Consultant and Nadia Tihova, Framing Manager.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Options for works on paper framing

Some of the examples on show demonstrating the different ways of displaying works on paper. From traditional window mounts, to more complex ways of floating artwork, there are many attractive ways ways of displaying paper-based art.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Amy Patsy Eleni

At the Summer Social, AWAD Members catching up (from left to right) Amy Caiger of Caiger Contemporary, Patsy Dixon of Liberty Gallery and Eleni Polycarpou of ARTful.

AWAD Social at Store Street Framing - Susan Nick MK MariaAWAD’s Founder and CEO Susan Mumford, Nicholas Sharp of Swan Turton, Member of the AWAD Board MK Semos of Decorazon Gallery and Maria Marro-Perera, AWAD Co-ordinator.

News from our Partners at Store Street Framing: In Praise of Hand-Finished Frames

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Store Street Framing are a fine art framer based in central London and specialising in gallery standards, hand-finished and gilded frames and AWAD’s London Partner in this essential service that galleries, dealers and collectors frequently require. As experts in this field, we asked Store Street Framing, to share their ‘insider tips’ with us and in this first post, they tell us about the merits of hand-finished frames (vs. the pre-finished option). For more information or to enquire about Store Street Framing services, contact them at their 30-31 Store Street space in Fitzrovia or by phone +44 (0) 20 7636 8241.

In Praise of Hand-Finished Frames

The pre-finished white or black box frame is a stock item in many contemporary art galleries. At Store Street Framing we have supplied many of these frames to our clients. They have satisfactory look, they are quick to produce and they fulfil their purpose. They are, in effect, the invisible frame; something there but not there. Unnoticed by the client, these frames’ function is to disappear on the wall. As professional framers we know how much more is possible. Store Street Framing  Production Manager, Jana, has had many years of experience, first in furniture restoration and then in fine art framing. She knows how much value can be added to a work of art by adding a simple hand-finished frame.

“Some clients prefer pre-finished frame because of its price and efficiency. Simple hand finished frames are not that much more expensive and can take only few days to produce. In the workshop we’ve been developing a range of simple frames, showing the great effects you can achieve on wood frames with just stains, paint and wax – much nicer than anything you can buy off the shelf. A hand finished frame is a bespoke frame, where we are trying to match to client’s personality, interior surroundings, the best moulding profile and colour match for the artwork. This frame will last forever and have that originality of being different from the others. The good results come from the skill of the craftsman, not from the expensive materials.”

The idea of getting a hand finished frame looks at first sight extravagant, indulgent even. But before you commission another pre-finished frame, spend a moment thinking about what you are turning your back on. A wooden frame with a hand-finish is a thing of beauty, complementing the artwork as an aesthetic statement in its own right. For example, a simple rectangular maple moulding with a light stain and gentle wax adds a new level of beauty and complexity to the artwork. A frame can do much more than simply mark of the transition between wall and artwork.

For more information, click on the image below:

Hand Finished Frame (for blog)

AWAD welcomes a new Partner for our London Chapter: Irenicon, HR and Legal Support

Monday, April 4th, 2016

AWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to welcome a new Partner to our London Chapter, Irenicon HR and Legal Support for today’s business owner.

Irenicon started supporting clients in 1980 and has been doing so ever since.

As your gallery grows, you suddenly become a manager, an administrator and lots of things take you further and further away from what you love. 95% of a typical art dealer’s revenue comes from sales – but problems with your team can take away time from generating revenue.

You may have even accidentally become your own HR and legal department without even realising it. We help you focus on what you love. We help you manage and contract your people so you are not constantly distracted by problem individuals.

Creating a great team is like curating a great exhibition – there are lots of elements that need to be done in the background so that it all hangs together. You know there will be lean times as well as abundant times. You need the right contracts in place to protect you and your business so you can flex as you need to.

You understand that your art dealership is the ultimate lifestyle business, your family understands it too, but they’d just like to see a bit more of you. But that’s not going to happen if your team are arguing.

Our job is to help you with the pieces you need – when you need them. Click here to access ‘Working with Friends Family and Interns’ (free) and to claim your free advice.

AWAD welcomes a new Partner for our London Chapter: Store Street Framing

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

AWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to welcome a new Partner to our London Chapter, Store Street Framing, a fine art framer based in central London and specialising in gallery standards, hand-finished and gilded frames.

Store Street Framing are delighted to be partnered with AWAD, and look forward to working with their Members over the years to come.

With many year’s experience in the industry, trading under the name Arch One Picture Framing, Store Street Framing is focused on providing solution for our clients. We understand the role of the gallerist and dealer and we work closely with members to produce the right frame at the right price.

Our strength lies in our experience and the range of frames we can supply, from gallery standard white box frames, to hand gilded and painted mouldings. Using our skilled craftsmen we can provide a completely bespoke service, customising every finish to suit the job. It goes without saying that all our framing is done to conservation standard.

Our London van can collect and deliver to Central London addresses on a weekly basis free of charge to AWAD Members. We welcome consultations, and are happy to provide help and advice on any framing issue you may have.

For more information go to


AWAD welcomes a new Partner for our London Chapter: Lamport Gilbert

Friday, February 5th, 2016

AWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to welcome a new Partner to our London Chapter, Lamport Gilbert.

Lamport Gilbert provides a full printing service for all gallery requirements from stationery to exhibition invite cards and leaflets, catalogues and brochures right up to fully bound books. All items are produced with a high degree of colour accuracy and neat presentation and binding. They can also provide an economical graphic design service and create anything from logos to the layout for a full catalogue.

For more information contact Lamport Gilbert’s  specialist Neville Rolt on +44 (0)118 931 0013 or +44 (0)7833 232 507 or via



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