Abigail Gallery at Spring/Break Art Show

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Art World Events, AWAD Events + Updates, Blog post

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery is thrilled to feature the artwork of Allison Baker and Katrina Sánchez in a two-person presentation at SPRING/BREAK Art Show’s Los Angeles installation. Baker and Sánchez touch on themes of contemporary domesticity, bodies and their environments, communities and healing, but approach these subjects from unique perspectives. While their color choices and aesthetics may at first appear bright and beautiful, the underlying meaning of the artwork goes much further.

Spring/Break runs through February 20th, 2022

For more information on the gallery please visit Abigail Ogilvy Gallery.

Katrina Sánchez, Welcome Passage, 2021. Knitted yarn and fiberfill on metal piping. 10 x 5 x 8 ft.