Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art – JOY

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Blog post

The Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art celebrates with an exhibition called JOY, featuring new work and collaborations between Erin Comerford Miller, Carla Aaron-Lopez (“kingcarla”), Windy O’Connor and Lo’Vonia Parks. The exhibition runs through December 4th, 2021.

JOY, both a personal and collective installation, unveils how innate joy can be cultivated through both individual inflection and creative collaboration, and celebrates the transformative power of women coming together and leaning into one another’s practices—and the striking visual creations that result. Offering a reflection on the beauty and joy of individual friendship, this exhibition illustrates the undeniable truth that through relationship, we become invested in one another and manifest our interconnectedness, meeting this innate need of every human being. While each artist brings a personal story and a unique lens to her creation, the overarching approach to JOY  is one of collaboration—resulting in a celebration of what can be collectively achieved when we allow everyone to shine individually.  

For more information on the gallery visit – www.eldergalleryclt.com