Introducing ARTCADIS – AWAD’s newest partner!

by | Jan 29, 2021

The Association of Women Art Dealers is pleased to welcome ARTCADIS as our first PARTNER of the new year.

ARTCADIS is a fine art packing company specializing in reusable and smart art packing materials and solutions for artists, galleries, art handlers and collectors.

Founded by gallerist/artist Hugo Garcia, ARTCADIS was born out of necessity after years of art fair participation. They sourced a line of products and developed for AWAD members special discounts. For others the knowledge that all of our partners are reputable with deep roots in the industry

These bags are easy to use, re-usable, have a re-sealable flap, an acid free soft lining, which is especially good for resin works or oils. Ideal for galleries and artists participating in trade shows, ArtPakk can save you time and money while keeping your artwork safe. We have different size art bags to protect your art collection, whether you’re transporting it or wanting to store it safely. 

New Years Resolutions? How about finally organising your artworks? Or being more environmentally conscious? With ArtPakk you can do both!

ARTCADIS has extended our FREE SHIPPING offer until the end of the month!

AWAD members make sure to login members only content in order to take advantage of more offers with @artcadis

For more information on ARTCADIS and their products please visit