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I find my AWAD membership really valuable, not to mention lots of fun!

Jessica Lloyd-Smith

Modern ArtBuyer, Bath Spa, England

Interested in joining the Association of Women Art Dealers?

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WHO is eligible?

  • Women Art Dealers who own (or co-own) their business, of which a major activity is art dealing.
  • Women Art Dealers includes female identifying: gallerists, art advisers & consultants, independent curators and primary/secondary market art dealers.
  • While the majority of Members run for-profit enterprises, the CEO/Executive Director or equivalent of not-for-profit and charitable enterprises is also eligible for to apply.

Please note that the Member (from an engagement and public-facing viewpoint) is the individual, not the business. 
People connect with people!

What are the benefits?

Becoming an AWAD Member provides

  • Access to, and support from, a professional network of vetted art dealers who own their business (like you).
  • Day-to-day support via member-only meetings (London, New York and Global Chapters), online resources and an online forum.
  • Discounts and benefits from select AWAD Partners and conferences.
  • Credibility as a professional who has been accepted AND who operates to AWAD’s Code of Conduct.
  • Professional development in an ever-changing industry.
  • Visits to art collections and private tours of art fairs.
  • Visibility and promotion via and across social media channels.
  • Special events such as panel discussions with industry influencers.
  • Complimentary entry to select fairs.

What are the different levels of Membership?

There are two levels of membership: Member and Associate Member.

MemberTypically this individual has been at business-owning level for a minimum of three-years, full-time.

Associate Member: This is an earlier-stage art dealer whose business is registered, is already trading, has business cards and has online presence. (This Membership level is based on a founding principle of AWAD to support women art dealers at all stages of career.)

How much does it cost to join?

London Chapter

£250 GBP

New York Chapter

(representing Tri-State area)

$325 USD

Global Chapter

£150 GBP / $225 USD


For each additional Director who joins from the same art dealing enterprise, the annual subscription is priced at £100 GBP / $150 USD  (so if two Members come on board from the same business, the total for one year is:  London £350 GBP / NYC $475 USD / Global £250 GBP /$375 USD)

There is a one-off joining fee of £50 GBP / $75 USD

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What is the difference between a Member and an Associate member?

An Associate Member has a desire to become a Member, and is thus described as an Associate Member (until graduation to Member level).

Benefits to Associate Members and Members alike

  • Have a profile on (with your membership level stated).
  • Are promoted via the blog and social media.
  • Have access to monthly meetings, collection and fair visits, professional development workshops; special AWAD events; Partner discounts; and Member-only online resources as well as the interactive forum.

Additional benefits to Associate Members

  • Access to the AWAD Mentoring Programme.

Additional benefit/s to ‘Members’

  • Four Member meetings (London + New York Chapters) annually.
  • Use of the AWAD Member badge at art fairs.
  • Use of the AWAD logo for your own marketing materials (website, social media, third-party selling sites, printed materials).

The membership fee is the same for both Members and Associate Members.

does it matter where you are based?

No, not at all.

AWAD is dedicated to providing support to women art dealers regardless of location.

This is why, in addition to the London Chapter (est. 2010) and New York Chapter (est. 2014), the Global Chapter was launched (est. 2016).

As long as you have access to the internet and can understand / speak English, Global Chapter meetings are accessible to you.

Are payment plans available?


We’re delighted to offer quarterly subscriptions. In an uncertain world, accessing support in a cash-flow friendly manner can make a difference—and every penny counts.


Notes on joining

  • The joining fee is payable upon joining AWAD, applicable for the first invoice issued. This is a one-time payment, providing membership is continuous.
  • Membership rates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • To qualify for Membership of AWAD, candidates must be owners or co-owners of their primary art business.
  • A completed online application is required along with two successful references.
  • The Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD) reserves the right to terminate membership.
  • Upon joining AWAD, Associates and Members alike agree to AWAD’s Terms and Conditions, and accept working as per AWAD’s Code of Conduct.

I am amazed by what I have learned so far, the speakers have all been incredibly informative as well as practical. I am totally taken with the comraderie of the other members and their willingness to work together as well as share their experiences and information.

Ivy Brown

Ivy Brown Gallery, New York