AWAD Code of Conduct

The purpose of AWAD’s Code of Conduct is to provide members clear guidelines for appropriate behaviour in professional dealings. This is of utmost importance for business owners operating in an unregulated industry. By being an AWAD Member, you commit to upholding these professional standards.

AWAD Members are expected to:

  • Treat fellow AWAD members and their staff, as well as service providers and other partners, in a professional manner, with courtesy and respect.
  • Always act with integrity when interacting with other members, service providers and other partners, including those that may be introduced to you by other members.
  • Protect AWAD’s reputation by speaking favourably of AWAD within the art world, to Members and Non-Members alike, and reporting to the AWAD Board any behaviour by another AWAD member that could bring AWAD into disrepute.
  • Look out for one another; AWAD encourages frank and candid feedback. If a member becomes aware of negative comments being shared about another member, AWAD encourages disclosing the information to the member. AWAD encourages sharing both positive and negative feedback and constructive criticism in a sensitive and confidential manner.
  • Comply with the AWAD Rules of Etiquette (see below) should AWAD members collaborate.
  • Comply at all times with standards of behaviour and conduct all business dealings in accordance with standards of best practice generally accepted in the art world.
  • Commit to transparency in all dealings with artists and clients.
  • Recognise the need, in line with industry best practices, to have written contracts or Terms & Conditions of business in their dealings with artists, clients and others
  • Take account of any best practice guidelines and documentation issued by AWAD.

AWAD Rules of Etiquette

These are suggested guidelines when members communicate and collaborate with one another.

AWAD Rules of Etiquette – Communication with other AWAD Members

Members are encouraged to reach out to each other and use the network as a way to find information, services, suppliers and more, and we advise members to use this judiciously in a busy world. If you communicate with other members, do make sure to reply courteously. Should you reach out to members directly, follow-up. A thank you never hurts.

AWAD Rules of Etiquette – Collaborating with other AWAD Members

If members collaborate during fairs, events, shows, etc., they should agree on what is expected of each party (preferably in writing) in advance of commencing a collaboration. Members are to be respectful of each other’s time and obligations, be punctual, act professionally and maintain a professional image of themselves and relevant spaces.


The AWAD Code of Conduct is informed by compliance with the law, the organisation’s ethics and the industry best practices. The Code of Conduct will be revised and updated periodically.

Members have no authority to act or speak on behalf of AWAD unless authorized by the Board.