AWAD offers a wonderful platform in which to meet other women operating in the art world and share ideas and best practice. I am delighted to be a part of such a dynamic association.

Barbara Stanley

of Barbara Stanley: Irish Contemporary Art, London

Is Awad right for my business?

Access and gain support from a professional network of vetted art dealers who own their business, just like you.

Receive Day-to-day support via member-only meetings, online resources and an online forum.

Benefit from discounts from select AWAD partners and conferences.

Gain credibility as a professional who has been accepted and who operates to AWAD’s Code of Conduct.

Professional development in an ever-changing industry.

Visits to art collections and private tours of art fairs.

Visibility and promotion via and across social media channels.

Special events such as panel discussions with industry influencers.

Complimentary entry to select fairs.

AWAD has been a great discovery for me, providing my gallery with invaluable help and support.

Vera SchuhmacheR

Founder, Vera Schuhmacher Fine Art