Image of Diana Wilkins with greenery behind

Diana Wilkins

Membership and Partnership Manager

Diana is an art historian, curator and speaker.  After many years working in science and on environmental policy she switched direction in 2015, gaining a Masters in Art History and Museum Curating from the University of Sussex.  Diana benefited from the chance to deepen her knowledge of Modernism through a curatorial internship at Charleston Farmhouse, the Sussex home of the Bloomsbury Group.  She was also the curator of a contemporary art gallery and has a range of experience from museums in London and South-East England.

As AWAD’s Membership and Partnership manager, Diana supports a collaborative approach to networking and to creating exciting new opportunities for galleries and commercial partners. She is committed to highlighting the contributions of women artists and gallerists from all backgrounds. Diana also believes that the art world has a part to play in tackling the climate crisis by adopting more sustainable practices, for example, by working with the Gallery Climate Coalition.