Ivy Brown

Chair of the Board (NYC)

Ivy Brown has lived her life as a pioneer in the very city where she was born. In 1985, when others dared not set foot in the Meatpacking District, she bought a fourth floor flat in the Triangle Building and transformed it into a haven of tranquility and artistic expression.

Founded in 2001, the Ivy Brown Gallery represents and exhibits contemporary art of all mediums. Ivy has dedicated herself to supporting both emerging and established artists of every ilk, from the an international pool. Ivy Brown takes her experience from the commercial arts world and brings it to the fine arts arena. Her commitment to art and the critical part it plays in our humanity is the grounding force behind the gallery- in fact, the first show at the gallery was a response to 9/11. That first show was focused entirely on clowns, and every radical faerie in New York City came to participate in the celebrations. It was the beginning of an enduring friendship that she still has with the group, and they continue to support each other. This lasting friendship is what everyone can expect when coming into Ivy’s gallery, or Ivy’s life in general; the two are inextricable.

Ivy Brown Gallery is a microcosm unto itself: a truly unique space that is completely malleable and metamorphosizes with each show, while having Ivy’s personality, care, and aesthetic built into its every fiber. Ivy puts it best by saying, “this is not your normal gallery, it has its own personality which we do not try to hide.” There is no way that anyone could hide the personality of the space or its proprietor, and it infuses every show with a vitality not seen in any other venue.

Ivy Brown Gallery

675 Hudson Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10014



+1 212-925-1111