Susan J Mumford

Founder and CEO

Susan Mumford is an art world expert, mentor, trainer, author, public speaker and creative entrepreneur. Her personal mission is to empower and inform individuals who run creative enterprises as well as help arts organisations find their way in an increasingly online-based commercial art world.

Having arrived in the London art world in 2001 with an internship of her own devising, Susan opened a gallery in Soho in early 2006. In 2010 while steering a career in challenging post-credit crunch times, she founded the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD). Starting with a London group, the network now accepts members on a global basis and launched a New York chapter in May 2014.

Over time, Susan came to the conclusion that the art world was in need of professional development for active industry professionals. Following the close of her space while continuing to build AWAD, in 2012 she founded Be Smart About Art. She oversees the development of a programme that provides inspiration, training and support to artists, gallerists, creative entrepreneurs and arts organisations.

She regularly judges awards and can be seen in London and New York opening exhibitions, guiding tours and leading talks. You can keep up with her movements on Twitter at @susanjmumford.