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Sarah Wiseman Fletcher Prentice 'A Cockatiel on Blue'

Sarah Wiseman presents new paintings by Fetcher Prentice

Sarah Wiseman Gallery presents a new collection of paintings by Fletcher Prentice, including ‘A Cockatiel on Blue’ shown here courtesy of Sarah Wiseman. Fletcher is interested in shape, colour and the natural world along with the material qualities of paint, enjoying its texture as he uses it to build form. In these paintings, Fletcher explores bird and plant life. They are made up of tangled foliage, plumage and colour, his loose, light painting style describing the constantly shifting movement. Fletcher’s works are often described as reminiscent of the classical murals from ancient Rome, large in scale, soft yet strong in colour and rich in detail.

s artspace gallery space

S Artspace Gallery NYC will be exhibiting at AQUA ART MIAMI

S Artspace Gallery NYC is proud to announce its participation in AQUA ART MIAMI 2015  further confirming and supporting our gallery’s mission of exhibiting international artists from Europe, and the Caribbean including Cuba, Haiti and Aruba.

Out of a vision to increase awareness and interest in international art, S Artspace Gallery NYC was born. Located on the Bowery in a historic landmark building, it is a 1200 sq. ft. forum for emerging international artists. This lower east side gallery is a creative space where the focus is on contemporary emerging art, performance art and installations. Click here to learn more about S Artspace and the founders Catherine Testorf and Elizabeth Rosso.

exhibit-E Image for welcome post Sep 2015

News from our Partners: exhibit-E tells us how to make Google work for galleries

AWAD recently welcomed a new Partner to our London & New York Chapters, exhibit-E, the leading provider of websites for the art world. Their first exhibit-E automated website was launched in 1998 and they now serve over 400 gallery websites world wide. exhibit-E‘s clients include blue chip names such as Gagosian, The Willem De Kooning Foundation and artist Laurie Simmons, in addition to localised gallery brands such as AWAD’s NYC Founding Member Liz Garvey’s Garvey|Simon Art Access.

exhibit-E will be sharing their expertise through regular posts on this blog, starting with one hot topic, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that is discussed here. This post also provides tips about how to improve your ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting visitors to your website is the oxymoronic practice known as “driving traffic,” and it’s been one of the biggest challenges for Web developers since the Internet first became a mass phenomenon.

Alternatively, web users can have difficulty finding the information and content they’re looking for. To simplify, the vast majority rely on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to get to the webpages they need.

Harnessing the power of these search engines can be a powerful tool for anyone trying to drive traffic to their website. This is particularly pronounced if you can position your website on the first page of a search engine’s results page. If one were to search Google for “Andy Warhol,” for instance, more than 1.3 million results would be returned. One would be more likely to visit a site that turns up on the first few pages rather than continuing through hundreds of pages. The numbers bear this out—a study by found that a month after a website turned up on the second or third page of a Google search, traffic increased by five times from the previous month.

But getting your gallery website to turn up in those searches is no easy trick, and many galleries are willing to pay to get there. That’s why there’s so much talk among Web developers about search engine optimization (SEO) these days. In fact, there’s a whole cottage industry of SEO consultants that has sprung up—firms that pledge to improve search engine performance with a mixed bag of tricks. While some SEO consultants are doing good work, many are peddling snake oil, claiming that they can guarantee number-one placement with little or no work required on your part, or promising instant results when it usually takes three to five months. Some use tactics frowned upon by search engines; the worst offenders can even get a client’s website banned from Google.

The reality is that there’s not just one quick fix for getting good search engine results. It’s a holistic process that must take into consideration everything from the site’s structure, to the copy, the technical components, and the design. It’s best to have your site optimized for search engine ranking by the company that built it.

Searching by Artist Name

Where does your gallery rank? Galleries in particular can benefit from quality search engine optimization. One of the greatest hopes of a gallery is to come up high in a search engine ranking when someone searches for one of their artists. This is not easy to do, especially for galleries that are getting started late. But it is possible. Read more

CONTEXT December 2015 Sim Smith Gallery

Accola Griefen, Sim Smith Gallery and Susan Eley Fine Art at CONTEXT Art Miami (1-6/Dec)

ACCOLA GRIEFENSim Smith Gallery and Susan Eley Fine Art are exhibiting at CONTEXT Art Miami (1-6/Dec) at Art Miami Pavilion Midtown in the Wynwood Arts District. For more information and for an invitation, contact the galleries directly.

ACCOLA GRIEFEN presents exhibitions and projects of mid and late career contemporary artists, with an emphasis on women artists, many of historical importance. Our exhibitions and artists have been reviewed in publications including ArtNews, Art in America, The New York Times, The New Yorker, New York Magazine and Sculpture Magazine and their work can be found in the collections of museums including the Whitney Museum of American Art and The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art in addition to many other important public and private collections.

Sim Smith Gallery  works closely with a select group of artists (inc. Tim Garwood whose work is shown here courtesy of Sim Smith Gallery). Having developed a dynamic relationship with curators and collectors, gallery exhibitions are complemented with artistic projects and collaborations with visionary design studios, arts and culture festivals, pioneering charities, national institutions and global retail brands. Sim Smith Gallery exhibits at contemporary art fairs globally, whilst promoting the work of the gallery’s roster of artists to collectors, curators and museums from around the world.

Susan Eley Fine Art focuses on contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists, who work in a range of media, from paint to photography to sculpture and print. Solo and group exhibitions showcase abstract as well as figurative work from a diverse body of artists from the U.S., Asia, Latin America and Europe. Gallery artists are dynamic, active professionals, who produce strong bodies of work that constantly shift and evolve.





Cynthia Corbett at Art Miami December 2015

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery will exhibit at Art Miami (1-6/Dec)

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery will exhibit at Art Miami from 1 – 6 December 2015 at Booth C3 featuring works by Chris Antemann, Deborah Azzopardi, Lluis Barba, Andy Burgess, Niclas Castello, David Hayes, Tom Leighton, Fabiano Parisi, Klari Reis and introducing Young Masters Bartholomew Beal, Elisabeth Caren, Oliver Jones, Jam Sutton, Isabelle Van Zeijl and Eleanor Watson as well as previous winners Lottie Davies (2012) and Juergen Wolf (2014).

Art Miami takes place at the Art Miami Pavilion Midtown at the Wynwood Arts District. Click here to visit Fair Website. For a catalogue of the works presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery, click here.

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