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Oil & Water George Robertson

Oil & Water Gallery presents George Robertson’s By The Edge (4-20 Sep)


Penny MacFarlane’s Oil & Water Gallery presents a solo exhibition featuring George Robertson. Largely self taught, George has been painting since he was at school. Originally a photo realist, George’s work has developed to embrace the abstract in nature. He says that some recent works may look abstract, but are actually things in the world which, at first sight, are hard to see for what they are. For more information contact the Oil & Water Gallery.

Lucia Giudice Fucilli at Puccio Fine Art

AWAD welcomes a new member: Lucia Giudice Fucilli

LuciaAWAD, the Association of Women Art Dealers, is pleased to announce a new member, Lucia Giudice Fucilli.

Lucia is a New York City based art dealer and the Founder and Director of Puccio Fine Art since 2003.

Lucia joins AWAD as one of the founding members of the newly launched New York Chapter. Click here to read Lucia’s full profile and please join us in warmly welcoming her to AWAD.

Degree Art Curtain Falls Save the Date

Degree Art presents ‘Curtain Falls’, a solo show by Carolina Piteira (to 18/Sep)


Curtain Falls presents the culmination of Piteira’s series based on exploring the everyday lives of Queen Elizabeth II’s red guards. Piteira’s work follows the critical observations and focuses intimately on the relationship between our real identities and the masks we use to cover them. Piteira confronts the person behind the red royal uniforms and works to expose new levels of intensity, sexuality and honesty, stripping the guards of their stern façade, bringing to the forefront, the real lives of these guards along with their individuality, shedding the still and unresponsive daily routines of a life in the Queen’s Guard.

The exhibition will feature portraits and a short film, both of which emphasise the atmosphere of the works and the drama of their moments. The characters are straight-forward at first, but each is shrouded in an air of their own personality,­ which moves from emotional or humorous, to mysterious and seductive. The palette supports the atmospheric backgrounds, which keeps the drama of the moment, and in contrast, the characters saturate the eyes with an energy of colour.

Piteira says of this series, “I am interested in confronting the real side of a person which is hidden behind a mask. Most of us hide in an indirect sense, but that personality is hidden quite blatantly by the Queen’s Guard. The raw character hidden behind its veil, the person full with emotion or passion, sensuality or a strong energy is not easy to reach – especially as we live in a way where we constantly regulate our self-expression and appearance. Uncovering that real character behind the veil is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my work.”  Read more

Caiger Contemporar Art Autumn Exhib

Caiger Contemporary Art presents their Autumn Showcase in Battersea (8-13 Sep)


In September, Caiger Contemporary Art will be back at The Gallery on the Corner in Battersea for the Autumn instalment of the gallery’s biannual Showcase. All the gallery artists will be exhibiting works including a brand new Battersea Power station original print by Jayson Lilley, new works from Lucy Carty inspired by her recent trip to Iceland and LoveJordan’s biggest ever paper sculpture, containing 100,000 pieces. For more information click here.

Decorazon Gallery Mikesell Masked

Decorazon Gallery presents ‘The Family Circus’ an exhibition in the Dallas Design District


Image: a work by Michele Mikesell (Courtesy of Decorazon Gallery)


Celebrating ten years of Decorazon Gallery, an exhibition entitled ‘The Family Circus’ will be on show at the Dallas Design District at 2335 Valdina Street opening on Friday 12th of September. For more information and to RSVP, contact Decorazon Gallery. And join us in congratulating MK Semos in this remarkable milestone.

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