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Hedleys CITES

From our Partners at Hedley’s: BEWARE 5 Animal Materials that Require Permits and Papers

Hedley’s, a family firm expert in art transportation, installation, storage and white glove deliveries that was founded more than 40 years ago, is AWAD’s Partner in the area of shipping and logistics. As experts in this field and with decades of experience handling and transporting art, they kindly share their expertise with AWAD Members and with arts professionals across the sector. This article addresses an issue that affects the antiques sector but also contemporary artworks that use animal materials. For more information or to enquire about Hedley’s services, contact the dedicated Head of Contemporary Art, Ellie Bailey by email at or by phone +44 (0) 208 965 8733.

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BEWARE 5 Animal Materials that Require Permits and Papers

Shipping art abroad or bringing it into the country can be problematic, even where contemporary art objects are concerned. Many modern art works including installations, sculptures, frames, found objects, ready-mades and so on can contain a multitude of different materials from all sorts of sources and locations. It is not only antiques dealers therefore that need to be aware of the trading conditions and laws affecting a number of everyday items.

CITES stands for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Essentially it is an international agreement between governments; it aims to ensure that the trading of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. All import, export and re-export and introduction from the sea of species covered by the convention have to be authorised through a licensing system. Failure to do this will certainly result in the item in question being confiscated for ever and in some extreme cases the carrier being imprisoned under smuggling laws.

For more information on CITES and handling of cultural goods generally, click here.

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Sandra Higgins Piers Calvert

Sandra Higgins presents Piers Calvert at the Consulate General of Colombia

Sandra Higgins presents Piers Calvert’s ‘The Way We Are Now’ at the Consulate General of Colombia, an exhibition running from 8th July to 4th August. Opening Hours: 9:00 – 13:00; 15:00 – 17:00

If you wish to see the curator Sandra Higgins or the artist Piers Calvert please email for appointment:

Vera Schuhmacher Rafael Koster 2

Vera Schuhmacher presents Rafael Koster’s work at the Richmond Hill Gallery (30/Jun-31/Aug)

Vera Schuhmacher is pleased to participate in the Summer Show at The Richmond Hill Gallery  featuring works by RAFAEL KOSTER, NL and BARBARA RAE, RA. The Summer Show runs from 30 June – 30 August 2015. For more information contact Vera Schuhmacher.

Vera Schuhmacher Rafael Koster

Maestro Arts Claude Troin

Claude Troin’s ‘36,000 Years Later’ at Maestro Arts this summer (2/Jul-17/Sep)

This summer Maestro Arts presents Claude Troin’s ‘36,000 Years Later’. As well as holding the private view for the upcoming exhibition of Troin’s work, Maestro Arts will be hosting the UK premiere of a collection of 15 short films entitled ‘36,000 Years Later’.  These films, produced by Folimage with ARTE and the support of the Rhône-Alpes region, include the resulting film Camera Obscura a film by Izú Troin with artwork by Claude Troin. For more information click here.

Foundry Gallery Minho Kwon

‘We also deserve to live’ Minho Kwon at the Foundry gallery (2/Jul-12/Aug)

The Foundry Gallery at Le Lay Architects are pleased to announce a new body of work by Minho Kwon in an exhibition that will run from 2nd July to 12th August.

Minho Kwon is a storyteller and an image-maker. His densely, multifaceted drawings command our attention. Kwon’s specialness as an artist is the ability is to fuse industrialised South Korea with Korean culture and it’s political economic history through the expressive power of drawing. The result is potent, brooding and dreamlike; dark blueprints for a dystopic past

His colossal drawings at first seem to be incomplete; architectonic lines have been drawn and rendered with an obsessive attentiveness to detail, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of his materials – layers of pencil, graphite and charcoal. ‘We Also Deserve to Live” has transformed The Foundry Gallery into a test-bed for Kwon’s vast architectural creations. Views that cannot be found in one drawing can be found in another, there is no one-way to look at the works or a linear path you have to follow around the gallery the visual gaps you find allow you the space to construct your own story.

The Foundry Gallery showcases work found and forged between art and architecture and its distinct relationship with Le Lay Architects who reside downstairs. The Foundry Gallery is the brainchild of Jonathan Goode and Jason Slocombe of Le Lay Architects and run by Gallery Director Elizabeth Goode.

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