Welcome to Cheryl Karim of Gallagher Fine Arts & Jewelry

by | Apr 19, 2024 | Blog post, Partners of AWAD: News, Updates and Advice

Cheryl Karim represents Gallagher Fine Arts & Jewelry and recently joined as a core commercial partner of AWAD. Cheryl specializes in providing Fine Arts insurance brokerage services for high net worth private collectors, art galleries, museums, private dealers, artists and special exhibitions. Cheryl’s responsibilities include risk analysis, customized insurance program placement, coverage reviews, and enhancement recommendations.

Here we get to know more about Cheryl and her extensive knowledge of art insurers in the US and the international marketplace.

Welcome to AWAD. Please tell us about your role.

I am an Area Senior Vice President in Gallagher’s Fine Art & Jewelry Specialty team.  In my role I am responsible for quoting, placing and servicing all of my client’s business.  We create customized insurance solutions unique to each client’s needs.  

What’s distinctive about your business? 

At Gallagher we have a manuscript fine art policy offering the broadest coverage in the market.

What in your view makes for a good collaboration? 

A good collaboration requires clear communication, cooperation, coordination, trust and respect.

What art business trends are you excited about? 

We’re excited for the sustainability initiatives being implemented within the art world (see Gallagher Impact Report)

For more details about Gallagher’s services and how to contact Cheryl, please see our Partner Directory.