A Delicate Balance at Beacon Gallery

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Blog post

Beacon Gallery is pleased to present A Delicate Balance, a group show featuring artists Domenic EspositoNicci Sevier-Vuyk, and Sharon Whitham, which runs through July 17, 2022. The premise of the show focuses on the challenges that everyone faces – mentally, emotionally and even physically – especially in such difficult or uncertain times as we are experiencing now, and seeks to highlight the commonality in this struggle. 

The works to be showcased are composed in three different media with very diverse approaches. Yet, together, these two and three-dimensional works and installations create a shared strength in message, representing the layers and aspects which may be found within all of us in shaping the reality of our human fragility.

“Our lives and how we project ourselves are often a balancing act. On the outside it may be all flowers, bright colors and sweetness, but our internal reality may be a very different story,” notes curator and gallery owner Christine O’Donnell.  “In these difficult times, our mental health has never felt more vulnerable or precarious, and as such, A Delicate Balance serves to recognize and express the reality, truth and hope in this individual and collective struggle and hopefully encourage a sense of normalcy.” 

Domenic Esposito’s Listen, a triptych featuring his iconic hooded figure in bronze, facing a series of individuals in three gothic panels, is evocative of current events. Esposito is an artist and social activist whose work reflects upon our innermost selves, the turmoil and struggle often experienced internally. Through both his series of hooded figures and his various allusions to addiction, Esposito plumbs the depths of human desperation and fragility, while underscoring the aspect of suffering. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Nicci Sevier-Vuyk’s paintings and Sharon Whitham’s monoprints each represent the ways in which we seek to cover up these darker moments. Always a balancing act, rocks are assembled in unpredictable manners, just barely balanced on each other in a most precarious fashion. The cool, relaxing colors sit in opposition to the tension such assemblages represent in their unnatural arrangement. With a human hand perhaps just out of sight, one is left to wonder about the metaphorical balancing act, depicted in varying bursts of color. These flashes of beauty direct our attention not only to what is attractive in our own existences, but also to the overwhelming number of pieces that are anything but.

Beacon Gallery is proud to present this unique collection of work which is meant to inspire self-reflection, prompting audiences to look inward at their own vulnerabilities and importantly, encourage a willingness to recognize with empathy how much of our private inner worlds we actually share with others.

To learn more about the gallery please visit www.beacongallery.com.

Balancing Act by Sharon Whitham