StArt Art Gallery presents StArt Salon Vol. 2

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Blog post

StArt Art Gallery, in late April, launched their second ever online-only exhibition titled StArt Salon Vol 2!

The exhibition brings together works by Namibian artists Nicky Marais, Elisia Nghidishange and Fillipus Sheehama. These three artists are all invested in exploring both their personal contexts as well as how these play out in a wider sense. The artworks reflect the artists’ experiences of the world, weaving together the personal and the political, playing between abstraction and representation. While we are all isolated at home during Namibia’s national lockdown, this seems even more pertinent as we find ourselves looking inward, while simultaneously playing our part in an issue exponentially bigger than our individual selves. Through the works of Marais, Nghidishange and Sheehama, a variety of styles, media and conceptual work, showcases the intricacies of contemporary Namibian life. The exhibition is accompanied by audio clips so that even when in lockdown, we can hear directly from the artist about their work and see their process.  

The Gallery has also hosts an informative blog on their website.

Artwork courtesy of StArt Art Gallery – One Identity, 2’ is a cardboard print by Elisia Nghidishange