‘6200 Thoughts at Ivy Brown Gallery

by | Jul 17, 2022 | Blog post

The Ivy Brown Gallery is pleased to present ‘6200 Thoughts through August 24th, 2022.

6200 thoughts, is what each of us has a day, researchers call these chains of thoughts ‘Thought Worms’ where one thought will progress into another. “Thought Worms” are adjacent points in a simplified representation of activity patterns in the brain. When a person moves onto a new thought, they create a new thought worm that can be detected.

Art, as one of our thought processes is inventiveness and knowledge, a method of mastery and ingenuity that emboldens our existence and galvanize our essence. By partaking in artistic an endeavor we create numerous “Thought Worms” as we strive to convey ourselves in a physical form. Ivy Brown Gallery will explore this process with Agnes Baillion, Eileen Braun, Elizabeth Jordan, Francesco Minuti, Gin Stone & Amy Gilliam Wilson to see where their visual thoughts take us.

Duplicity by Gin Stone & Mourning Wreath by Elizabeth Jordan

For more information about the gallery and visiting please go to – www.ivybrowngallery.org

Unicornicron by Gin Stone, ‘Mothering’ by Eileen Braun, ‘Vodka Wedding’ by Amy Gillian Wilson