A House for the Moon at Fountain Street

by | Aug 28, 2021 | Blog post

Fountain Street is pleased to present “A House for the Moon,” featuring artists Tatiana Flis and Joel Moskowitz. The exhibition runs from September 1 – 26, 2021.

In “A House for the Moon,” the artists investigate daily routines, personal connections, and relationships with surroundings. The artists are moved not only by the brokenness of our social connections and ties to the natural world, but also by the beauty of remnant, left-over, and once-living things, like roots of felled trees, pieces of abandoned toys, a lonely sight through a bare window, an empty ritual once full of humor and consolation. Through their explorations in various mediums, Flis and Moskowitz expose
yearnings for a remembered and still-hoped-for world, just out of reach.

Tatiana Flis creates work that investigates the peripheral field of space we live in and fill. The
all-pervasive moments which we value yet pass without a second glance propel her studio
practice. In offering the viewer a familiar yet abstracted landscape, she allows access into
private worlds not unlike our own, creating connections across boundaries of time and space.
Flis’ subtle yet striking forms and compositions draw the viewer into other dimensions that are
imbued with our daily routines, exploring relationships between the human psyche and
moments of isolation, wonder, and longing.

Joel Moskowitz assembles sculptures from found objects: discarded construction materials,
tennis balls abandoned in a field, the root balls of downed trees. Moved by the brokenness of
such things, he builds up dense forms evoking log cabins, held together with wires and screws,
houses but without walls, open to the sky, as if they could somehow welcome and shelter the
planets and moons that look so lonely overhead. Accompanying these sculptures are
Moskowitz’s “Boggle Drawings.” The game became a frequent pastime during the pandemic,
and he was inspired to paint objects on his word lists.

For more information on the gallery visit – www.fsfaboston.com