Cutting Edge: Contemporary Papercutting at Show Up

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Blog post | 0 comments

Reimagine Papercutting

ShowUp is pleased to announce a group show curated by Puerto Rico based contemporary papercutter Rosa Leff. Featuring the work of high profile paper cutting artists Swoon, Lorraine Bubar, Hazel Glass, Mark Curtis Hughes, Rebecca Rose Greene, and Béatrice Coron, this exhibition, Cutting Edge, is an opportunity for Boston audiences to experience the mutability of a medium often associated with craft and tradition, but that is worthy of being considered a fine art.

These artists draw on their knowledge of papercutting’s rich history and their extensive expertise to create work that reflects modern times. The resulting papercuts depict LA’s tangled highways, the ocean’s deepest secrets, London’s busiest streets, the challenges of motherhood, and so much more.

Kicking off ShowUp’s Curatorial Incubator Program (SCIP), Cutting Edge: Contemporary Papercutting represents Leff’s first foray into the world of curation, and the exhibition will travel to the GAP National Museum for an exhibition in Fall 2024 after its three-month run at ShowUp.

The exhibition runs through September 1st, 2024.