Art on Paper Returns to NYC

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Art World Events, Blog post

Art on Paper returns to downtown Manhattan’s Pier 36 with 100 galleries featuring top modern and contemporary paper-based art. Art on Paper’s seventh edition will continue the fair’s historical alignment with New York City’s Arts week and The Armory Show. Art on Paper’s medium-driven focus continues to bring about unique and powerful projects – visual, experiential moments that have set the fair apart and established Art on Paper as an important destination for the arts in New York City.  The Association of Women Art Dealers is delighted to share that four member galleries will be participating in Art on Paper September 9th – 12th 2021.

The NYC AWAD Chapter will be represented by Garvey|Simon, Insight Artspace and Kathryn Markel Fine Arts and from the Global AWAD Chapter will be represented by the Paradigm Gallery and Studio.

Garvey|Simon will be at Booth C-25.  Their booth will feature selections from Dozier Bell, Dina Brodsky, Daisy Craddock, Daniel Featherstone, Margot Glass, Lisa Lebofsky, David Morrison, Melanie Parke, Mary Reilly, and Kit Warren. 

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts will be at Booth A-11. Their booth is featuring Katie Degroot, Steven Barris, Marilla Palmer, Steven Baris, Conny Golez Schmitt, Sarah Irvin, Susan English and Deborah Dancy. KMFA will continue to feature this collection of work on Artsy through September 30th.

Insight Artspace will be in Booth B-17. They are presenting six contemporary female artists Layla Love, Esther Rosa, Elaine Jeffrey, Shreya Mehta, Capucine Bourcart, and Andrea Bonfils. The gallery will continue to feature this work on Artsy through September 30th.

The Paradigm Gallery and Studio will be at Booths A-02 & A-03. One will be a solo booth for Shawn Theodore and the other booth will have work by Alex Eckman-Lawn, Allison May Kiphuth, Drew Leshko, Jason Chen, Justin Favela and Kelly Kozma