AWAD Galleries at African Galleries Now

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Art World Events, Blog post

AWAD is pleased to share that two member galleries – Guns & Rain and StArt Art Gallery are participating in the African Galleries Now Fair online at Artsy.

Presented by the African Art Galleries Association (AAGA), African Galleries Now brings together a network of 10 pan-African galleries showcasing some 40 artists ranging from São Thomé & Príncipe to Zimbabwe.

Online platforms continue to help bring African contemporary art to audiences around the globe, and the two galleries are pleased to be taking part in the fourth edition of African Galleries Now on Artsy. 

Guns & Rain are featuring artists who are all painters from southern Africa, including Adrian Fortuin, Sky Salanje, Ann Gollifer and Hedwig Barry. 

StArt Art Gallery are showing the works of  Elisia Nghidishange, Ismael Shivute, Ndasuunje ‘PAPA’ Shikongeni and Nicky Marais.

AAGA (African Art Galleries Association) was formed in response to the need to support the growth and sustainability of contemporary art sectors in Africa in the context of the rise of international interest in contemporary art on the continent.