Beacon Gallery presents Perception Abstraction

by | May 13, 2020 | Blog post

Beacon Gallery’s May show is Perception Abstraction a two-artist show featuring works by Boston-based photographers Steven Edson and Fern L. Nesson. The exhibition seeks to explore these two artists’ diverse methods of looking through the viewfinder and electing what to capture on film, and how both create abstract artwork from the real-world viewfinder. From the mundane to the sublime, Edson and Nesson train their lenses on subjects familiar to all yet capture them in a way that allows for a new perspective and appreciation; revealing the artistry and beauty that surrounds us every day.  

Together, these two artists bring to life a unique perspective on the world, inviting the viewer to take a second look at the world and to see the ways in which photography can become abstract artwork. Nesson and Edson capture the elegance and beauty of the quotidian: both in what the naked eye and only the camera can see.

Beacon Gallery’s owner Christine O’Donnell has written a blog post that is a guided tour of the exhibition. The exhibition is up through July 11th.

To learn more about the gallery please visit Beacon Gallery.

Image courtesy of the gallery – Steven Edson – Celestial Musings