By Means Of at re.riddle

by | Aug 14, 2021 | Blog post

re.riddle is pleased to present, By Means Of,  a solo exhibition of new work by Liz Moore that will run through August  31st, 2021. 

Describing Liz Moore’s large-scale, sculptural fiber works as enveloping the viewer, American artist Sheila Hicks asserted, “You’re not thinking about the grains of the sugar. You’re into a very big meringue, like a huge lemon meringue pie.” Rich materiality has an immersive quality, a multi-sensorial effect that crosses the threshold of the physical into the psychological. These vivid, tactile experiences give rise to questions pertaining to the spatial interplay between physical objects and emotive states of being. How do material, color, and form relate to bodies that exist in the space around the work? Moreover, how do specific aesthetic choices engender and bring about the notion of affect? In her exhibition, By Means Of, Liz Moore tests our bodily capabilities of empathy and focus through the tactility, vibrancy, and shape of her natural fiber – a medium with a heavy-laden past. 

Intuitive and playful, Moore lets her artworks self-determine as she subverts expectations of materiality. While Moore honors wool’s material tradition by adopting sustainable needle felting processes and materials, she deliberately and methodically misuses the medium to recontextualize it, increasing the distinction from wool’s crafted, utilitarian history. She over-dyes and strips the wool of its natural aesthetic, dips entire swaths in paint, and flips them back and forth from finished and unfinished sides to obscure the methods of their making and ensuring the impossibility of their functional use. Often finishing with confronting combinations of found objects such as faux flowers (Untitled, A Sweep), plastic brooches (Untitled, A Cloud in the Past), or beads (Untitled, Hair Picks), she creates an unintuitive experience. 

Presented alongside the exhibition will be programming about Liz Moore’s creative process and practice. 

Studio Visit with Liz Moore x Curator Gretchen Wagner
Tuesday, August 10 at 5:30pm PST/ 7:30pm CST/ 8:30pm EST via @re.riddle Instagram Live

By Means of, is part of re.flect, a program series that spotlights one of the gallery’s artists each month. Each show will offer in-depth access to the respective processes and practices of our global artistic community. In addition, each artist has partnered with re.riddle to release limited edition, unique works at special prices. These exclusive pieces will only be available during the month of their related exhibition. 

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Detail of Liz Moore, A Jungle, a Dream of Wallowing Thing, 2021, Felt, Poly Clay Mushrooms, Taxidermy Bobcat and Family Heirlooms, 7’ x 7’ x 4’