Cynthia Corbett Gallery presents – Tuema Pattie Retrospective: From Conventional to Experimental

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Blog post

To me, painting has always been an opportunity to interpret imaginatively what I see in front of me. The facts are there – it is how one brings them to life that is the magic”, – Tuema Pattie

The Cynthia Corbett Gallery is presenting over 100 original artworks by Tuema Patti in an open public exhibition hosted at La Galleria, Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, 5B Pall Mall Street, St. James’s, London, UK. They will be monitoring the social distancing guidelines and Government’s requirements daily in order to make your visit to the exhibition as safe as possible. The exhibition close on October 31st. To book a visit please use this link. After the show closes you will be able to view it in the gallery’s brand new viewing room through December 25th, 2020.

Tuëma Pattie (b. 1938) was born in Dublin and studied at the Belfast College of Art, the Central School of Art and Design and Morley College, London, Piers Ottey and Christopher Baker in Sussex and Robin Child in Devon.

In her days in Belfast and London, she took advantage of urban scenes as her subject matter. She then had a long period in which she took time out to have two children and to support her husband in his career. This meant it was difficult to find the time for her beloved painting, as was the case for many women in that era.

With the move out of London in 1989, she did have the subsequent benefit of much foreign travel. Subject matter was carefully gathered with the resultant explosion of energy into her canvases, with paintings from the Galapagos, Antarctica, Spain, Italy and Uzbekistan as well as her beautiful West Sussex. It is from this period that she was able to develop into the world of experimental landscapes.

Tuëma Pattie has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition; the Royal Hibernian Summer Exhibition; the Cork Street Gallery; Art for Youth at the Mall Gallery London; London Art Fair; the Chichester Open; the Moncrief Bray Gallery, the Kevis House Gallery and the Rowntree Tryon Gallery all in Petworth; APPART; the East Hampshire Art Fair; the Jorgensen Gallery in Dublin and at Glyndebourne.

To learn more about the artist and gallery director and founder Cynthia Corbett’s feelings about exhibiting women artists please read this insightful article in Artnet News.

To view a video interview with Tuema Patti please use this link.