Dean Reilly – You Beauty at Red Hill Gallery

by | Sep 26, 2021 | Blog post

Red Hill Gallery is delighted to present Dean Reilly’s exhibition You Beauty,  an ode to the inherited Australian temperament that elicits feelings of nostalgia, glory, tragedy and struggle.

The elusive and mysterious landscapes are imagined by the artist with their scenes drawn from the artist’s memory and personal experience. Reilly depicts subjects that are eerily familiar yet alien to encapsulate a shared experience of our home, Australia.

Inspired by and referencing Angry Penguins artists such as Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan, Reilly evokes the awkward yet beautiful struggle between man and nature. You Beauty blurs the boundary between the surreal and the real, and the past and present, capturing the psyche of our ancient mysterious land.

“This great land of glory, tragedy and struggle lay at the foundation of what most of us call home”. – Dean Reilly

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Go on Move it Along, Dean Reilly, acrylic on cotton