Defied Logic at Ivy Brown Gallery

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Blog post

The Ivy Brown Gallery is pleased to present Defied Logic curated by Curator Nina Midvani with Participating artists: Samira Abbassy, Whitney Harris, Mark Milroy and Bea Scaccia. The show runs from May 1st to May 31st.

Our time defies logic in many ways or rather it creates a different kind of logic. What was certain for centuries becomes obsolete in a matter of hours, while simultaneously old ideas of isolationism thrive once more. Logic is outdated and recreated, dissected and revisited. Only artistic production can fathom such discrepancies and come unscathed. Surrealism is a notion that comes to mind when an individual is facing a reality of one’s own making, when considering how real is her reality, how accurate his dreams. Surreal painters bring in their mysteries, their puzzles and riddles, their sets of visual associations and hidden keys. Artists selected for Defied Logic . . . do not purposefully chase their dreams or subconscious drives, yet what they show us are questions and metaphors executed through their highly personalized and masterful languages. In the selected works phantasmagoric dynamic of traditional surrealism gives way to a more contemplative and reflexive turn, a turn that is also disquieting and shape-shifting. By Curator Nina Mdivani

The exhibition is open to the public. Please use this link to reserve a time to visit.

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