Ephemeral Days – Artists For Humanity on The Sidewalk Featuring Stephen Cronin and Kitauna Parker

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Blog post

Ephemeral Days, from Artists For Humanity (AFH), is on view 24/7 through April 3, 2022 at Fountain Street ‘s The Sidewalk Video Gallery. The digital art installation grew out of a collaboration by Stephen Cronin, Director of AFH’s Creative Technology Studio, and Kitauna Parker, AFH Alumna Artist in Residence. In the installation, Cronin reimagines Parker’s poetry and paintings to generate a new, responsive art piece harnessing live weather data and the power of creative coding—reflecting the impermanence of our days. “This work is a generative art piece made in TouchDesigner,” says Cronin. “The piece uses live weather data to control certain parameters. It adapts to the temperature, wind, and time of day to generate new variations throughout the month.”
Ephemeral Days  is The Sidewalk’s first exhibition of generative art, which involves the use of an autonomous system. The work will be displayed for four weeks and can be viewed anytime, 24/7.

Fountain Street has launched “The Sidewalk Video Gallery,” a public viewing gallery for video and other digital media art. Exhibitions of short, silent, experimental work will be displayed on two 50” monitors facing out from gallery windows at sidewalk level. The programming is designed to promote diversity and include a broad array of artists, styles, thematic content, and levels of experience. Partnerships with artists and curators, local educational and community-focused organizations, as well as Fountain Street Gallery artists round out the exhibition schedule.  

The Sidewalk Video Gallery will accept artwork submissions, as well as curatorial and project proposals, on a rolling basis. The Sidewalk Video Gallery is viewable 24/7 and the parking area in front of the gallery, accessed at 365 Albany Street, Boston, offers free, short-term parking, making it easy for viewers to stop by.

For more information on the gallery please visit www.fsfaboston.com