Extra at ShowUP

by | Feb 23, 2024 | Blog post

ShowUp is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Extra, running from March 1 to April 28, 2024. Extra features the work of Rixy, Ja’Hari Ortega, and Wavy Wednesday. The exhibition is inspired by the descriptor within Black and Brown communities describing something or someone as excessive, out-of-the-box, or ‘doing too much’ which is a coded, negative connotation for defying the mainstream. To quote Melissa Harris-Perry, “Shamed for being fast, womanly, or too damn grown, Black girls are encouraged to stop doing so much or being extra.” Instead, watch these girl bosses reclaim the beauty in their flyness, outspokenness, too muchery, bling, boundless imagination, and refusal to dim their shine. 

The artists respond by unleashing their full creative potential. The illustrative style and community-based background of street artist Rixy works to dismantle machismo and societal conventions through her unapologetic depictions of lush figures and her clever use of gender performance histories. JaHari Ortega‘s compelling sculptural works and installation reinforce the exhibition’s themes of adornment and self-expression. Wavy Wednesday’s pop-art style denounces racism through satire and allusions to consumerism. She said to a WESA reporter, “Being a Black woman is feeling like you’re automatically placed on the outside.” What would it look like if we were no longer entangled in these enclosures, we could have a space to just BE, unapologetically? It cultivates what being at the center really feels like. 

Join the artists and Curator Chenoa Baker on March 1st from 5 to 8 pm for an opening reception. Refer to ShowUp’s website for subsequent events