Flash featuring Greg Lotus at The White Room Gallery

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Blog post

The White Room Gallery is pleased to feature photographer Greg Lotus’s work in “Flash”.

“A flash of inspiration. The catalyst behind most great artistic achievements as it can begin or redefine the creative journey. Inspiration comes from the Latin inspiratus and means to breathe into and flash in photography means bringing the light. And that is literally the interpretation of this exhibit as it features fashion photographer Greg Lotus’ images that let you breathe in the light with female centric narratives that couple a vintage style with a sense of delightful engagement. 

Lotus, who has graced the pages of Italian Vogue countless times, creates sexy, evocative, playful tableaux that feel so intimate it is almost like someone took them with a polaroid. A legs contest with numbered faces. A spaghetti eating rendezvous. A sexy black and white shot of a woman with a champagne glass half full. Or is it half empty? A watermelon with the consummate accomplice. FLASH is just that. Hot to the touch but oh so cool?”
Curators Statement

Drawing inspiration from classical paintings and a wide array of sources and life experiences, Lotus reinterprets in his own evocative way the use of light and shadow, playing with angles and composition to enhance the graphic quality of his images.

Photographer Greg Lotus’ work can be found regularly in the pages of Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, L’Uomo Vogue, and W magazine.

The exhibition is on view through July 24th, 2022

For more information on the gallery please visit – www.thewhiteroom.gallery