Fountain Street Gallery presents A House for the Moon & In the Annex group show

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Blog post

This September the Fountain Street Gallery presents A House for the Moon in their main gallery and in the Annex show Marygrace Gladden, Szandra None, and Jed Sutter. The shows are ongoing through September 26th, 2021.

In A House for the Moon, artists Tatiana Flis and Joel Moskowitz investigate daily routines, personal connections, and relationships with surroundings. The artists are moved not only by the brokenness of our social connections and ties to the natural world, but also by the beauty of remnant, left-over, and once-living things, like roots of felled trees, pieces of abandoned toys, a lonely sight through a bare window, an empty ritual once full of humor and consolation. Through their explorations in various mediums, Flis and Moskowitz expose yearnings for a remembered and still-hoped-for world, just out of reach.

The ANNEX is a section of the Gallery that spotlights new work by regional artists. Exploration of visual memory in deep fall colors takes over the Annex in September. Marygrace Gladden, Szandra None, and Jed Sutter embrace the storytelling and make us wonder about the future. The curators compare gorgeously simple photos by Marygrace to deeply personal stories by Szandra None and enter through a tunnel of a classical landscape by Jed Sutter.

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