Future Lore of Blackness at re.riddle

by | Sep 11, 2021 | Blog post

re.riddle  presents, Future Lore of Blackness, a solo exhibition of new work by Nyame Brown at 1632 Market Street in Hayes Valley, San Francisco on view through September 30th, 2021. 

Can the imagined alternate-realities of science-fiction make room for a more just present? How might the cultural boundaries of society’s past and present be dilated into new stratospheres? Future Lore of Blackness  offers work by Nyame Brown which deploys fantasy and science fiction as a strategy to elevate Black communities. His paintings utilize the formal structure of a traditional art historical narrative with Afrosurreal aesthetics, resulting in contemporary history paintings of the Black future.

The wrinkle-in-time effect of Brown’s paintings is enhanced by their fantastic circumstances: aspirational interstellar superheroes, video game gods/goddesses, and technicolored therianthropes navigating both familiar and unfamiliar architectures. By using Renaissance and Baroque compositional techniques to tell stories of the African diaspora, American folklore, and contemporary hip hop culture, Brown usurps Western patriarchal power structures to introduce new ways of social transformation and paradigms of equity.

Future Lore of Blackness is part of re.flect, a program series that spotlights one of the gallery’s artists each month. Each show offers in-depth access to the respective processes and practices within the global artistic community. Please stay tuned for announcements in the coming weeks about programming centered around Nyame Brown’s artistic practice.

For more information on the gallery please visit www.reriddle.com

In the Forge of Crackniculous, 2021, Oil on Linen, 4 ft x 6 ft,