garvey|simon – Danielle Reid: Mining Light

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Blog post, Collaborations between AWAD Members

Garvey|Simon is pleased to present Danielle Riede: Mining Light at Susan Eley Fine Art through November 15th, 2021.

Danielle Riede’s abstract oil paintings are sublime in scale and in palette. These latest works expand on her interest in dance and movement expressed in luminous color. This is Riede’s second solo show in New York City with Garvey|Simon. 

Fascinated by the ephemerality of movement, Danielle Riede physicalizes the kinetic echoes of the body in her abstract paintings. Her layered striations of color blaze the trail left by movement of a limb, tracking the aftereffects of the body in space. For Riede, dance does not only exist in the human body, but in the swell of ocean tides, the dense and steady procession of lava, and the diffuse stream of rays of light. Kinetic energy, whether as grand as the rotation of the earth or as intimate as the spread of a palm, is not only inherently the same, but is transmuted from earth to element to being. Danielle Riede’s paintings demonstrate this universality, with her arcs, dives, and waves rippling through the compositions. 

This seamless vacillation between intimacy and universality is present in Danielle’s methodology, as well. She begins with intuitive movement, slowly observing the gesture of her own body as it leaves its painted mark on the blank canvas. The movement’s journey across the picture plane becomes epic and elemental. As a result, Riede’s dreamy abstractions take on an accumulated quality with color and line amassing and breaking into unexpected fractals. These intersections and floes capture natural and bodily rhythms entangling and integrating with one another.  Caught in the field of a single canvas, Danielle Riede celebrates the symbiosis of the body and earth. 

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Tracing the Stars, 2021, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 in.