Ground Floor Gallery presents -Ed Grant: Inbetweeness Paintings

by | May 12, 2020 | Blog post

The Ground Floor Gallery is pleased to present the online exclusive solo exhibition, Ed Grant: Inbetweeness Paintings on view here on Artsy June 9th, 2020. The exhibition is comprised of a selection of robust acrylic on Yupo works Grant made as one of only two artists-in-residence at the historic Cigar Factory LIC in 2019. Based in Brooklyn since the 90’s, Grant is a well-versed, mid-career abstract painter whose current body of work explores the Tibetan Buddhist concept of the Bardo: a space between death and rebirth as a period of reflection. 

As the artist describes:
“This body of work evolved into an exploration of liminality, or the space between things. The Tibetan Buddhist concept of the Bardo is a liminal space, most notedly the space/time between death and rebirth. This betweenness opens up the possibility of reflection or insight. Or even a moment of reprieve. Another aspect of this betweenness are the visual references to the microscopic (cells) and the macroscopic (images of the universe). Losing a concrete sense of scale can imply a fluidity, and connection, between different states, or being lost in the infinite.”

Ground Floor is kicking off the exhibition by inviting art lovers of all ages to be Ed’s pen pal and collaborate with him on an original drawing!  Loosely informed by the Surrealist Exquisite Corpse exercise, the drawing will start with Ed who will then pass it on you to continue and then pass on to the next participant. Once everyone has had a chance to add to the drawing, Ed will add the finishing touch and then you can print and display the final collaborative artwork at home!  For information contact the gallery at

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