HackelBury Fine Art presents: Palimpsest

by | Feb 11, 2022 | Blog post

HackelBury Fine Art, London is pleased to present: Palimpsest, a solo exhibition of new work by Coral Woodbury, and her first solo exhibition in the UK and Europe, in which her allegiance to people’s stories and making the invisible visible permeate three bodies of work. In Revised Edition the artist redraws the history of art from a feminist perspective; in Palimpsest  she illuminates the transformative power of time and life experience and in the In Place series she employs the language of colour as a record of cross-cultural travel. The title of the exhibition Palimpsest reflects this idea of a journey through time, life and place.

Books are a recurring theme in Woodbury’s work. Their structure becomes a composition with which to work, providing “a tension between text and image”. Her fascination with palimpsests (ancient parchment manuscripts which were reused over centuries) lies in the connection of humans across time – through their thoughts and their hands. For Woodbury a book is a metaphor and she finds parallels between body and book, the spine that binds it and holds it together. The vellum and the skin, what is held inside and the covering.

The exhibition runs through February 26th,2022.

To read an interview with Coral Woodbury please follow this link. For more information on the gallery visit – https://hackelbury.co.uk/