Interplay at Susan Eley Fine Art

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Blog post

Susan Eley Fine Art is delighted to announce the opening of Interplay, a group exhibition featuring the work
of eight SEFA artists Carole Eisner, Kentaro Hiramatsu, Emily LaCour, Silvina Mamani, Kathy Osborn, Nan Ring, Steve Singer, Ruth Shively and Barbara Strasen. The exhibition is opening in the gallery’s Hudson, NY location on August 20, and remaining on view through September 20, 2020. COVID-19 restrictions permitting, they plan to celebrate the
opening with a scaled back reception on Saturday, August 22, 5-7 PM.

Our most basic instinct as humans is to be with one another. We gravitate towards friends, family and lovers, inhabiting the same space, playing games and sports, sharing meals, touching elbows, hugging and kissing. COVID-19 restrictions have robbed global humanity of this most fundamental privilege of being together, as social distancing keeps us physically
apart from all but those in our trusted pods.

In a terrible, twisted paradox, being near each other—a most human of all good things—is now considered bad through the eyes of the pandemic. In this horrid, historic moment, acting on our most basic urges to gather with loved ones only increases risk of disease and death. The irony is unfathomable. This too shall pass; we will secure a vaccine, the virus will abate and we will be with each other once again. In the meantime, the exhibition Interplay celebrates what we are missing so dearly
now—togetherness and community. in selecting the artists for Interplay, we looked at various reasons artists paint figures together on a surface. We found that there are three broad categories, looking across the history of figurative art and into the present: to demonstrate spatial relations between figures on a plane in a sort of playful encounter of objects moving through space; to tell stories and drive a narrative; and lastly, to express emotional relationships and connections between people.

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Steve Singer, Long Beach Panorama, 2009, Watercolor on arches 140 lbs. Hot pressed paper 13 x 24 inches