Katrine Levin – CHEN LI – INSPIRATION FROM THE SILK ROAD “Human Buddha” series

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Blog post

The Katrine Levin Galleries are dedicated to introducing extraordinary art from places less explored. This month’s story of extraordinary art dives into the inspiration behind Chen Li’s “Human Buddha” series. The Silk Road with its vast series of ancient routes from the Mediterranean to China has long captured imaginations. For the “Human Buddha” series, something magnificent along the route caught Chen Li’s eye – “a millennia of Buddhist murals in an ancient oasis town between two deserts …”

These paintings are my footprints. Footprints of my travels to temples with Buddhist sculptures and murals. From childhood, I have seen and internalised many Buddhist images… This is my expression of these impressions.  CHEN LI.

Dive into the illustrated story of this fascinating place and its inspiration for a series of extraordinary works.

Chen Li is a master painter and woodblock printmaker from China’s frontier Yunnan Province. After only one year of international exhibitions he earned a place in the British Museum’s permanent collection. Go inside his studio gallerist Katrine Levin and meet the artist, and experience his poetic and harmonious works