Katrine Levin Galleries presents: Chen Li – New and Unseen Works

by | May 15, 2020 | Blog post

Katrine Levin Galleries invites viewers to experience the magic of artist Chen Li’s original compositions and flying strokes. His inspiration are the stunning landscapes of China’s frontier Yunnan Province.

Yunnan Province is the home of Chen Li – a dual master of woodblock printmaking and oil painting. Deeply knowledgeable, he developed his artistic path in conscious isolation from the influences of academia – his work is intuitive, full of emotion yet harmonious. Chen Li makes his woodblock prints using a special “suicide” technique that leaves no room for error and allows single editions only.

“The characteristic forms of the mountains and landscapes of Yunnan drive me to paint. From my early years I studied the theories of Chinese ink paintings, calligraphy, poems, drawing, and colours. From now on, I am making sure that my own feelings and perceptions help me to explore these teachings.” – Chen Li

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