Living Arrangements at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

by | Feb 20, 2023 | Blog post

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is pleased to announce Living Arrangements, a group exhibition of 20 artists who work in a wide variety of media and styles. They are united by one theme – the simple, universal image of the flower. This exhibition serves as a foretaste of the optimism of Spring but also, and primarily, is a fascinating study in how one simple motif can become the impetus for such a wide variety of art.

Throughout art history, the flower has symbolized so much – the inevitability of change, of death as well as life, decay as well as beauty. Flowers have represented innocence or vanity, home life and
hospitality, or the consoling presence of nature in grief. And too, the artists in this exhibition
continue to use the floral motif in wildly different ways.

For some artists, the flower image is just the excuse for a painting, and or deep looking. For others it’s an anthropomorphized personality with agency of its own. It can be a result of decorative patterning or a representation of domesticity. Several artists see it as the expression of a fertile natural world, for others it’s the expression of an endangered one.

Featured artists include – Stephanie Anderson, Julia Blume, Avital Burg, Tiffany Calvert, JoAnne Carson, Jared Deery, Loren Eiferman, Lizzie Gill, Eric Hibit, AnnaLise Jensen, Calder Kamin, Suzanne Laura Kammin,Tess Michalik, Anne Muntges, Daniel Murphy, Tucker Nichols, Denise Regan, Aurora Robson, Mary Jo Vath, T. Kelly Wilson and Lauren Whearty.

The Exhibition runs through March 25th 2023.