Liz Rundorff Smith & Barbara Strasen @ SEFAHudson

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Blog post | 0 comments

Susan Eley Fine Art’s Upstate location in Hudson, NY is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Barbara Strasen and Liz Rundorff Smith. The show is on view through June 30th at SEFA’s location in Hudson.

In this exhibition, the pairing of Rundorff Smith and Strasen is based on their approaches to
abstraction, layering and color. Both artists are fearless colorists who meld unique forms into their specific visions. The layers of pigment and material—primarily acrylic, flashe and collage for Strasen, and encaustic and pastel powder for Rundorff Smith—allow for visual transformations and vibrations within each canvas. Beyond their aesthetic interplay, memory is the concept that most connects the artists’ practices. The sense of loss and the passage of time, as well as how to best memorialize these feelings, are acknowledged throughout their works. Reality is paused while absorbing their paintings. Imagery shifts into the imaginary—forms dance as viewers dive into layers of color and motif.