May You Live in Interesting Times at the Adah Rose Gallery

by | Mar 27, 2021 | Blog post

The Adah Rose Gallery is pleased to present May You Live in Interesting Times a two-person show with new to the gallery artists Maremi Andreozzi and Wayson R. Jones. The exhibition runs through April 10, 2021. The gallery is open by appointment only. The exhibition is also viewable online.

For this exhibition, Maremi has created a remarkable and delicate group of portraits honoring 19th century American women. Some of the women are already famous, others have only recently begun to have their fascinating stories told.  They range from teachers to doctors, queens to courtesans, scientists to poets, couturiers to activists. The show also includes some of her past portraits highlighting women from around the world. Each is painted in silhouette: ageless and beautiful. Their adornments, brooches, lace, earrings, hats and dresses, are exquisite and give each portrait a wonderful uniqueness.

Wayson Jones is a painter, musician, and spoken-word artist. His sculptural paintings are merely six by six inches, yet each has a monumental presence. They are tactile, lavish, alluring and modest. Each painting explores the physicality of paint and the beauty of color. They evoke landscape, architecture, pastry, ancient ruins and literature. Some of the paintings have a rich impasto with bold gestures and energy. Other works are as smooth as silk. Wayson has an extensive musical background and each painting has a powerful performative quality.

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