NAUGHTY OR NICE? at the White Room Gallery

by | Dec 20, 2023 | Blog post

The White Room Gallery is please to share Naughty or Nice? through February 4th, 2024. The exhibition features Rock Therrien, Michael Lotenero, Paul D. Fuentes, Grace Baley, John Joseph Hanright, Bob Tabor, Greg Lotus, Markus Klinko, Joseph Kraham, Jack Flo, Steve Zaluski, Cabell Molina and Kevin Barrett.

The allure of the provocateur. It is a theme that has resonated throughout history and will no doubt continue to engage forevermore.   

Though they didn’t intend to steal Santa’s thunder by appropriating his naughty or nice list, the gallery truly enjoys seeing it brought to life through a delightful curation of art. Spiderman versus The Joker by a master lego engineer. No telling who wins that battle as obviously neither can escape. Beautiful pages of books shot to obscure what words lie within. City streets painted with just enough detail to hide all their secrets.   

Art is a fascinating creature with so many voices. Is it here to calm, comfort, challenge, excite, entertain, shock? The list could go on and on, but the amazing and wonderful thing is that it is still present and ever-evolving and the gallery loves being part of that evolution. Whether it be naughty or nice.

Rock TherrienFlamin’ Hot, 2023, 2023mixed media