OH…POOL BOY at The White Room Gallery

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Blog post

The White Room Gallery is pleased to present OH…POOL BOY at their Bridgehampton NY gallery. The exhibition feature artist Nelson De La Nuez’s paintings. The show is ongoing through July 11th, 2021.


‘Imagine Marilyn Monroe uttering the phase, “Oh Pool Boy” as she picked up a martini shaker and two chilled glasses right after slipping out of her robe or, more recently, SNL’s Pete Davidson as Chad the full-service pool boy having a fling with Julia Louis-Dreyfus until upstaged by the new “lawn boy” – a tank-topped Nick Jonas.  Bottom line, the expression ‘Oh Pool Boy’ makes you smile.   Mostly because of the implied narrative of course but it also conjures up imagery of fun and for this exhibit it is the catalyst for a celebration of ‘island life’.  The pools.  The beaches.  The romance.   And the joy of the much-needed summer blues.  All mediums partake in the celebration but it is Nelson De La Nuez’s pop art that is the inspiration.’Andrea McCafferty & Kat O’Neill -Co-Owners and Co-Directors

For more information on the gallery please visit www.thewhiteroom.gallery