Paint on Pointe at Susan Eley Fine Art

by | May 6, 2021 | Blog post

Susan Eley Fine Art is pleased to host Paint on Pointe—marrying classical ballet with
contemporary art—to raise money for New York City’s Ellison Ballet. The exhibition, comprised
of painted pointe shoes accompanied by statements and photographs of the young dancers
who wore them, will be on view in the Main Gallery in their Upper West Side location from
May 6 – 20, 2021.

The gallery selected six of its own artists to pair with six Ellison Ballet – Professional Training
Program students. A union of pointe shoes and paint, each dancer donated a pair of well-worn
pointe shoes to her artist partner. With no stylistic or technical restrictions, the artists employed
genres of sculpture, painting, drawing and printmaking to create unique artworks. The stunning
and fantastical results range from Karin Bruckner’s sculptural bouquet, utilizing the footless
shoes as a vase to Liane Ricci’s colorful, sequined shoes in rainbow hues of purple and green.
Each creation will be displayed alongside a portrait of the dancer who plied and pirouetted in the
shoes and several paintings by the respective artists. Money raised from the sale of the shoes
and paintings will be donated to the Ellison Ballet Scholarship Fund.

To view the exhibition, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]
to schedule a private appointment.

For more information on the gallery please visit

Liane Ricci, Aurora Borealis: A Place of Bliss (2021)Mixed Media on Emmi Yokoi’s Pointe Shoes.