Paradigm Gallery + Studio – Piecing It All Together

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Blog post

Paradigm Gallery + Studio is pleased to share Piecing It All Together, a group exhibition of collage works curated by Natasha Guy, on view through July 17, 2021. The exhibition can be seen in the gallery as well as virtually.

This exhibition is dedicated to piecing together the past to make sense of our present. As we excavate our past, discovering and learning from both a personal and a historical level, we can work towards finding answers or at least some kind of clarity. Collage serves as an artistic manifestation of this excavation. Through piecing together fragments of the world around us and reassembling in a new vision using found or discarded objects, we can re-create a new whole. It is perhaps more about the process than the final result.

Each of the eleven artists offers a unique vantage point from which to view the expansive medium of collage. Though the word is derived from the French verb “to glue,” collage as a framework for art-making goes beyond the cut and paste of the early 20th century. Contemporary collage continues to push the bounds of the medium, as is explored in the work of this exhibition. From diverse materials to unique subject matter, from 3-dimensional to video work, the viewer is invited to consider collage more theoretically as a tool for making sense of change.

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