Re.Riddle presents Interior resources: Tana Quincy Arcega

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Blog post

re.riddle presents, Interior Resources, an online exhibition of textile paintings by Tana Quincy Arcega that will run through December 31, 2021. This exhibition is the part of re.flect, a program series that spotlights one of the gallery’s artists each month. The rotating monthly series offers in-depth access into the respective processes and practices of our global community of artists. In addition, the artists have partnered with re.riddle to release unique works at special prices. These exclusive pieces will only be available during the month of the related exhibition.

Where is the point where mental and manual meet, the transcendental and material? How might faith or compassion be translated into visual, physical form? Interior Resources, a solo exhibition of textile paintings by Tana Quincy Arcega aims to give material existence to the artist’s memories and faith for a compassionate future. Quincy Arcega’s visual lexicon is an extension and a thickening of her conceptual investigations vis a vis theories of house and home, sacrifice and faith. She asks, how can spiritual revelations manifest in a very practical reality? Does compassion have the capacity to cut through centuries of systemic precedent?

Quincy Arcega translates her title, Interior Resources, a reference to Dr. Martin Luther King’s Christian faith as the source for fortitude amidst the turmoil of his activism, into imagined dwellings for the unhoused that would similarly nourish as a source of abundance and rejuvenation. Her textile paintings consist of alluring and organic textures that emerge from a substrate, constructing navigable planes. Though variable in their formal qualities (compare Prospering Ground with I Will Give Them Fish), we discern the emerging spaces as tangible with edges and extensions one can mentally touch. In creating a sensorial experience, Quincy Arcega ignites the viewer’s imagination, which she hopes will permeate into even more actual, literal social architectures.

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Grainwise, Crosswise, Lengthwise, 2019, Polypropylene, Polyester, Acrylic, 38″ x 72″