Select 6 by Garvey|Simon

by | Jan 15, 2022 | Blog post

Garvey|Simon is pleased to announce Select6, the sixth annual exhibition of work by emerging and mid-career artists chosen by director Elizabeth K. Garvey through the gallery’s innovative Review Program. This year’s artists are: Julia Whitney Barnes, Jimmy Fike, Anne Finkelstein, Jenifer Kent, Lori Larusso, Gwyneth Leech, Claire McConaughy, Debra Ramsay, Linda Schmidt, and

Garvey|Simon established the Review Program in 2016 to open a dialogue between artists and galleries, a practice that has long been anathema to gallery orthodoxy. Neither the past practice of artists drowning galleries in heaps of slides nor today’s avalanche of emails is beneficial to either gallery or artist. Garvey believes that artists “need to have a working platform to engage with dealers who otherwise might not see their work.” In the multi-tiered program, artists must pay an administrative fee for their work to be reviewed. “We want artists to think before they submit and be sure their work is appropriate for our program – the small fee puts some skin in the game and detracts from artists sending generic, mass submissions.” Finalists are given a private meeting with the gallery to consider their work for the exhibition. Garvey|Simon has cultivated successful partnerships with artists Margot Glass, Eileen Murphy, Karl Hartman, Kit Warren, Robert Stuart, Sung Won Yun, and Joshua Flint through the Select program.

In the progressive spirit of the Artist Review program, Garvey will be producing Select6 online with and selected works on view by appointment on the Upper West Side. By using this vetted online marketplace, the exhibition will have an extended duration, and the opportunity to reach an increasingly global audience. Though these artworks represent a diverse array of modes and aesthetics, they are united by their unwavering attention to detail, and unmistakable presence of the artist’s hand. The exhibition is ongoing through February 28th , 2022

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