Susan Eley Hudson Fine Art presents – This Land.

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Blog post

Susan Eley – Hudson – Fine Art presents This Land. A landscape exhibition featuring four contemporary artists Rachel Burgess, Katherine Curci, Deborah Freedman and Rachelle Krieger.

The exhibition is influenced SEFA Hudson’s location as the gallery is ensconced in the Hudson Valley, birthplace of the famed Hudson River Artists. It also speaks to gallery founder and director Susan Eley’s 2020 mindset.

The land embracing my home in Upstate NY has been an unimaginable comfort over
the past ten months. It is constant, yet ever changing. The environment reflects the
passage of time—hour by hour, day by day. I walk the same path every day, charging
up the hill with my trusty canine companion, passing from private to state land and back
home again. This three-mile loop beckons each day, regardless of whipping wind, icy
roads, misty rain or blazing sunshine. What remains unfathomable to me—a city girl to
the bone—is the respite and solace these walks consistently provide, a veritable gift to
me. It seems too cliché to write, but I have been struck by the ever-changing movement
of clouds and the myriad of sunshine colors and the gradients of light that weave their
way through the backdrop of the majestic Catskill mountains. – Susan Eley.

The exhibition is on view from January 14 – February 28, 2021 at SEFA’s gallery in Hudson NY.