Territory at Altman Siegel

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Blog post

Altman Siegel is pleased to present a body of new work by artist Trevor Paglen. This will be his fifth exhibition at the gallery. Trevor Paglen’s new photographs position the origins of computer vision, facial recognition, and artificial intelligence in the tradition of landscape photography of the American West. Examining histories of seeing in relation to technological advancements, Paglen reveals underlying structures of power and the changing role of the image.

Capturing dramatic vistas shot around Yosemite, Black Canyon, the California Coast, and other iconic landscapes, Paglen refers to classic works by Muybridge, O’Sullivan, Watkins, Hillers, and other 19th century “frontier” photographers. While we often encounter these historical referents in a museum setting today, many of these seminal images were originally produced for the US Department of War on military “reconnaissance” surveys and are embedded with the colonial narratives of Western Expansion. What would a contemporary iteration of frontier photography reveal about our current structures of power?

Altman Siegel is open to visitors by appointment. To ensure that your experience at the gallery is safe and pleasurable, they are taking rigorous measures to protect visitors and staff from transmitting COVID-19. To visit the gallery, please use this link to schedule an appointment.

A a complement to the exhibition there is an online viewing room.

The exhibition closes on August 8th.